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The Consul-Native Service Mesh

What is Gloo Connect?

Gloo Connect is built on top of Consul and Gloo to enable real time route authorization and response configuration management. Gloo Connect leverages Consul's Level 3/4 TCP authentication and Gloo's Level 7 function routing to provide a complete secure, observable, and configurable service delivery environment.

Gloo Connect Features

Consul Connect: Layer 3/4

  • Security: AuthN, AuthZ, intentions, policy, mTLS
  • Networking: TCP routing

Gloo Connect: Layer 7

  • Security: RBAC
  • Observability: Analytics, Monitoring, Debugging, Logging
  • Traffic control: Rate limit, Transformation, Compression, Caching
  • Networking: HTTP routing, serverless


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Gloo Connect would not be possible without the valuable open-source work of projects in the community. We would like to extend a special thank-you to Envoy and Consul.